Various window cleaning tools used by professionals. This is Window Magic's display of just one of the walls. Hundreds of tools used for residential and commercial window cleaning.

December Spotlight

This month we're spotlighting three of Winsol's amazing products. Restore glass with CC-550's unmatched hardwater spot removal. Then, renew screens with Winsol's Screen Cleaner & Sealer. Lastly, enhance your squeegee experience with Winsol's Super Slip additive.


Formulating and producing high quality chemical compounds since 1970.

- Winsol Laboratories

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New and vintage squeegee's and brushes. One of the original Tucker water fed brushes can be seen in the bottom left. Unger, Ettore, sorbo squeegees and handles on display.

In the Industry since 1986

We've been cleaning windows for decades and have seen the industry evolve into a remarkable place for amazing people. Window cleaning is much more than a chore to us, but instead a therapeutic expression of hard-work.

The staff at Window Magic Supply has over 70 years experience combined. The team knows what products work, we’ve also used them! Each staff member has different personal experience using different brands and products. We have immersed ourselves in the United States window cleaning community.

Having the right tools is important, that is why we carry the best brands! Including (but not limited to): Sorbo, Unger, Ettore, Moerman, RHG Products, Tucker Systems, Wag-Tail, Titan Laboratories, BlackDiamond, Genlabs.