Close-up view of Maykker's Soft Squeegee Rubber blades protruding from an orange HDPE twist lock container. The black, soft rubber blades have the 'Maykker' logo imprinted on them, and are shown as a pair, indicating their ready-to-use design. The container is boldly labeled with 'Maykker Products' in white over a black diamond-shaped logo, emphasizing the brand identity.
The Maykker squeegee rubber being showcased in a squeegee handle with a another piece laying over the top.

Maykker Soft Squeegee Rubber - 24pk

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Maykker's Soft Squeegee Rubber offers unparalleled performance for professional window cleaners. Its high profile and soft composition make it the ideal rubber for seamless squeegee strokes and perfect closing of window edges. Each set includes 24 pieces, thoughtfully packaged in a reusable and adjustable HDPE container. The container is equipped with a practical twist lock system, ensuring your squeegee rubbers are stored securely and remain in pristine condition. The rubber has been rigorously tested and is confirmed to fit a wide range of squeegee channels from leading brands, assuring compatibility and ease of integration into your existing window cleaning equipment.

Key Features:

  • High profile, soft rubber for optimal squeegee performance
  • 24 pieces per pack, providing ample supply for extensive use
  • Reusable, adjustable HDPE container with a twist lock for secure storage
  • Wide compatibility with various squeegee channels

Compatible Squeegee Channels:

  • Ettore (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Master Brass, Super Channels)
  • LTWC Squeegee Channel
  • Moerman (Stainless Steel, Liquidator 2.0 and 3.0 Channels)
  • Pulex (Aluminum, UniHandle, Stainless Steel, Brass, TechnoLite Stainless Steel, Alumax Channels)
  • Steccone Feather-Weight Aluminum Squeegee Channel
  • Unger (Brass, S, S Plus, Ninja Aluminum Channels)
  • Wagtail Slimline Squeegee Channel

Customer Reviews

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Quality you’ve come to expect from Maykker Products

Like everything else with the Maykker name this product will not let you down. I’m typically an Ettore/Sorbo guy when it comes to rubbers but this one is right up there with both! The container is very nice as well and will keep the rubbers safe and protected from damage/wear.


Maykker does their thing again. Awesome container for your rubbers. Very smooth and durable rubber. Highly recommend!

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