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 A close-up of the window cleaning tool's head, showing a blue microfiber pad, silver anodized aluminum channel, and grey rubber elements. The focus is on the tool's glide pad and squeegee mechanism.
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Wagtail High Flyer

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The Wagtail High Flyer Squeegee revolutionizes window cleaning, especially for rope access professionals and high pole work. This innovative tool eliminates the need for separate scrubbing and squeegeeing equipment, streamlining the cleaning process. Its unique design allows for a quick and seamless transition between scrubbing and squeegeeing, enhancing efficiency and cleaning quality.

Key Features:

  • Glide Pad: Equipped with glide strips for smooth movement and reduced drag, even in sunny or windy conditions. These strips also help to extend rubber life and minimize dripping.
  • Precision Clips: Feature non-scratch, protective end clips for precise edge detailing. The new design securely holds the rubber, providing a clean edge and optimal angle for washing and squeegeeing corners.
  • Suspension System: Ensures consistent pressure on the glass, even at extended reaches, enabling easy access to deep framed edges.
  • Pivot Technology: Award-winning design with a dual pivot system keeps the mop in constant contact with the glass for maximum speed cleaning. Reduces fatigue and strain-related injuries, and maintains an optimal squeegeeing angle.
  • Squeegee Channel: Made of anodized aluminum, this channel is both strong and lightweight.
  • Channel Lock: Securely locks the High Flyer in the squeegee position.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Durable, lightweight, and comfortable with a convenient tie-off hole for safe rope access cleaning.
  • Wagtail Rubber: Features a superior double edge for all-weather use, renowned for its superior glide and longevity.


  • Material: Anodized Aluminum (Channel), Microfiber (Pad)
  • Pivot: Dual Pivot Technology
  • Handle: Ergonomic with Tie-off Hole
  • Rubber: Wagtail Double Edge, All-Weather Use

Additional Information:

  • Easy Rubber Replacement: Marked end clips for straightforward rubber replacement. Use the 'X' marked clip for removal and insertion of new rubber.
  • Compatibility: Can be combined with the Angle Arm on a pole for optimal cleaning angles and precision.
  • Maintenance: Wash with the microfiber pad attached and allow to dry. Avoid overnight immersion in water. Note: Long-term adhesion of the hook fastener to aluminum or plastic may vary based on water temperature and chemicals used.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leah Todd
Wagtail flyer

I'm not impressed with how quickly the rubber went out on my wagtail. I wish it held a little more water as well. Nice idea could use improvements

Steve Verdino

I works great.


Awesome squeegee

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