IPC HydroCart Pro
IPC HydroCart Pro
IPC HydroCart Pro
IPC HydroCart Pro
IPC HydroCart Pro
IPC HydroCart Pro
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When it comes to effective and efficient water purification for cleaning applications, look no further than the HydroCart Water Purification System. Designed with both reverse osmosis (RO) and deionizing (DI) technology, this machine guarantees water at 0 ppm TDS, ensuring top-notch cleaning performance.

One of the system’s standout features is its adaptability to seasonal changes. The system's water production rate varies with feed water temperature, ensuring a steady supply of purified water throughout the year. Notably, the RO system filters out 98% of total dissolved solids, while the subsequent DI resin absorbs the remaining, prolonging the cartridge life and maximizing efficiency.

Depending on your needs, choose between the HydroCart Battery machine, equipped with a 12V DC electric diaphragm pump, ideal for a single pole operation, or the HydroCart Electric machine, designed for a two-pole setup with a high-flow rate and concentrate recirculation system to reduce wastewater.

Key Features:

  • Seasonal Adaptability: Optimized performance based on water temperature.
  • High Filtration Efficiency: RO removes 98% of TDS; DI resin absorbs the remaining.
  • Pressure Boosting Options: Choose between 12V DC pump for up to 90 psi or electric motor for up to 130 psi.
  • Multi-Pole Operations: Electric and gas-powered models can supply two poles simultaneously.
  • Extended Cartridge Life: Prolonged DI resin and filter lifespan based on water quality.
  • Built-In Filters: Sediment and Carbon block filters for added efficiency and safety.
  • Storage and Maintenance: User-friendly storage options to prevent bacterial growth and component dry-out.

Whether you're in a single-pole operation or need to manage multiple poles, the HydroCart Water Purification System offers reliability, efficiency, and the high-quality water output you need for superior cleaning. Keep your focus on cleaning, and let HydroCart manage the water.

All configurations include :

  • 100ft of Hose
  • TDS meter
  • Filter Set


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