Angled view of a cleaning scrubber tool with a textured gray pad attached to a black holder. The handle, with green accents, shows its ability to pivot, against a white backdrop.
Professional cleaning tool with a black rectangular pad holder and a green and black rubberized handle that articulates. The tool is displayed against a white background, emphasizing its sleek design.
Pulex TechnoPad
Professional scrubbing tool connected to a golden extension pole, featuring a black pad holder and a green and black ergonomic handle. The joint between the handle and holder is designed to articulate, showcased against a white background.

Pulex TechnoPad

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The TechnoPad is a meticulously designed scrubbing tool tailored for professional cleaning tasks that demand flexibility and efficiency. It features a durable Hook and Loop texture on the pad section, ensuring a secure attachment for a variety of cleaning pads. The dimensions of the pad area, measuring 9 inches by 4 inches, allow for consistent and even pressure distribution across surfaces for optimal cleaning. The ergonomically designed handle is rubberized to provide a non-slip, comfortable grip, enhancing user control during extended use. The handle's ability to articulate up to 270 degrees is a testament to its versatility, ensuring maximum scrubbing efficacy from multiple angles. Additionally, the handle's design accommodates secure attachment to extension poles, extending the TechnoPad's reach to tackle challenging, hard-to-reach cleaning scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Robust Hook and Loop texture for secure pad attachment
  • 9-inch by 4-inch pad section for even pressure application
  • Rubberized handle for a firm, comfortable grip
  • Handle articulates up to 270 degrees for versatile scrubbing angles
  • Pole attachment capability for extended reach


  • Pad Size: 9" x 4"
  • Handle Articulation: Up to 270 degrees
  • Grip: Rubberized for secure handling
  • Attachment: Hook and Loop system
  • Compatibility: Can be fitted onto a pole for elevated applications

Customer Reviews

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Damian Schrecongost
Techno Pad Bundle

Window Magic Supply was nice enough to donate this tool to Joshuathewindowcleaners YouTube show I was lucky enough to win the Techno Pad Bundle I absolutely love this tool I use it every day works great with Walnut pad prefer bronze wool but yeah you know bronze is hard to get you can also put the maykker 6in sleeve's on it fits nice and allows you to give a nice scrub whatever you choose to use on it is up to you but definitely recommend grabbing you one of these they are great

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