Wonder Cloth
Wonder Cloth

Wonder Cloth

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✔️ Microfibre cloth cleans with just water

✔️ Rinse it, wring it out and wipe

✔️ Use on glass, mirrors, windows and more

✔️ Streak, spot and lint free

✔️ Cleans, polishes and maintains

Bio-Cleans Wonder Microfibre Cloth cleans with just water.

This multi-purpose cloth cleans and polishes windows, mirrors, windshields, cars, chrome, vinyl, acrylic, computer screens, glasses, TVs, counter tops, rims, tiles, stainless steel, microwaves, oven faces, aquariums, plastics, fibre glass, leather, rubber, floors, walls, boats, filters and more. 
The Bio-Clean Wonder Cloth secret is tiny fibres, 300 times thinner than human hair. They trap and absorb dirt and oil, without scratching your surfaces. 

Directions for use: 
If you do get streaks when you first use the cloth, don’t panic it is only the residue from the manufacturing of the cloth. Simply run the cloth through a wash cycle or wring the cloth several times with warm water before using. Use only water when cleaning. Wet the cloth, wring it out well and wipe. No harsh chemicals required. No need to dry your glass or mirrors, they will dry streak-free on their own. 

Use to remove hard water stains: 
Use Bio-Clean Hard Water Stain Remover with your cloth to remove tough stains from shower doors, tiles, stainless steel, sinks, baths, boats, toilets, linoleum etc. To keep the stains off for years apply Bio-Clean Silicon Sealant to the surface once a week. 

Cloth washing instructions: 
Machine wash your Bio-Clean Wonder Cloth with bleach or detergent. No fabric softener. Air dry only. 100% Guarantee for 450 washes. 

Customer Reviews

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I was intrigued

Gotten the cloth as a gift and waited a long time to use it! Big mistake! I finally used it, only because I ran out of glass cleaner. I absolutely love it! I went and cleaned all my mirrors just with water and this "magical" cloth. I'm sold

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