Maykker Mini Extension Pole

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The Maykker Mini is a dream come true for storefronts and one story homes. 
Beautifully finished, this light weight pole is incredibly rigged with a top notch clamping system. The 5 section all carbon fiber extends fully to 8’ and fully collapses to an mere 27”.  This pole is perfect for working in tight spaces when longer sectioned poles would be cumbersome and not practical.  (stairwells, behind curtains, shades, blinds, reach around displays, obstructions behind you, etc)..

Use zero degree and or swivel tools directly in front of you as oppose to one side or the other. The collapsed 27” makes this the easiest pole to store.

This is a great little pole that will quickly become your go-2 for one story situations.

Cab be used with your waterfed equipment. Just switch out the Acme tip for a Euro Tip, and you can attach a water fed brush.

Technical Data:
5 sections
Wight of 1.8 LBS / 0,820 kg
Collapsed length of 27" / 68cm
Extended length of 8'  / 2,5 meters
INCLUDES ACME and Wood cone