A looped and twisted black squeegee rubber blade on a light background, with the end piece extending towards the front. The blade displays the Sörbo logo and a model number embossed on the surface, indicating its brand identity. The high-grade rubber material appears durable, designed for long-lasting use in professional window cleaning equipment.
Coiled black squeegee rubber blade on a green background, demonstrating the rubber's pliability and length. The blade is designed to fit wide-body squeegees and is shown in its packaging form, rolled for convenience and distribution.
A single black squeegee rubber blade lying flat, showcasing the T-shaped profile compatible with various squeegee channels. The material's matte finish and the blade's precise edges are visible, reflecting its quality and design for efficient window cleaning.
Close-up of the end of a black squeegee rubber blade, focusing on the T-shaped notch designed for secure fitting into squeegee channels. The blade's texture and the embossed recycling symbol on the rubber indicate its quality and consideration for environmental standards.
A tangled mass of black squeegee rubber blades with a matte finish, scattered haphazardly to show volume and texture. The image captures the high-quality rubber material and the flexibility of the blades used for window cleaning.

Sörbo Squeegee Rubber

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Designed to outwear other rubbers, these blades undergo a meticulous screening and cleaning process to ensure they meet high-quality standards. The versatile T-shaped design is engineered to fit seamlessly with brass, stainless steel, and all Sörbo 3X4 adjustable squeegees. Catering to a broad range of sizes, these blades are available from a compact 5 inches (13 cm) to an extensive 36 inches (90 cm). For larger applications, Sörbo also provides a convenient 50 ft roll for customizable lengths. These replacement blades boast a universal design, compatible with most standard squeegees in the market, ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of window cleaning tasks.

Key Features:

  • Made from high-quality rubber compound for extended wear
  • Screened and cleaned for purity and performance
  • T-shaped design compatible with multiple squeegee types
  • Available in sizes ranging from 5 inches to 36 inches
  • Offered in 50 ft rolls for custom sizing
  • Universal fit for standard squeegee channels


  • Sizes: 5″(13cm) to 36″(90cm), with 48″(120cm) and 54″(137cm) for larger squeegees
  • Material: Premium rubber compound and silicone options
  • Compatibility: Fits brass, stainless steel, and all Sörbo 3X4 adjustable squeegees

Customer Reviews

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Miguel Angel Santos Marmol
Posiblemente, el mejor material, limpieza de cristales del mundo

Material bueno y pedido llegó a España muy rápido. Gracias

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