Moerman F*liq, Liquidator & Excelerator 2.0 Complete Squeegee

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No need to use a squeegee in one hand and a microfiber cloth in the other, this is the only go-to window cleaning product you’ll ever need. On an extension pole or by hand, this incredible combo will do the trick! It doesn’t get EASE(ier) than this!
Jack’s favorite requires a soft hand. Swivel by turning your pole grip like the gas-handle of a motorcycle, guide the pole as you would a lady during dancing and do the F*LIQ like you would flip your pancakes.

  • Extreme angle range: -20° | -5° | +10° | +25° | +40°
  • The negative angles and thinner jaw allow for easier closing out
  • 100% high quality microfiber
  • Extra padding ensures high water retention
  • Comes with Liquidator NXT-R rubber