XERO SteveOnator Pole
XERO SteveOnator Pole
XERO SteveOnator Pole
XERO SteveOnator Pole
XERO SteveOnator Pole
XERO SteveOnator Pole
XERO SteveOnator Pole
XERO SteveOnator Pole
XERO SteveOnator Pole

XERO SteveOnator Pole

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About the XERO SteveOnator Pole

SteveO has lent his extensive experience to creating this top-notch water fed pole. Expanding out to 40 feet, it's perfect for residential and low-rise commercial jobs, and one of the most popular lengths! 

The SteveOnator pole is made from the highest level of high modulus carbon fiber available before you hit the ultra-high mod range. This makes the pole remarkably rigid and lightweight. Perfect for working at the fully extended length without getting a wobble. Nine sections make it up to keep this pole at a manageable size. Completely collapsed, this pole is only 70 inches long, but extend all the sections, and you've got 40 feet to work with. It's easy to transport and reach the clamps while working. The durable clamps are designed to securely hold the sections in place when they are extended. Each section features a plastic end defender. Even if you don't have an end cap on it, you don't have to worry about it getting chewed up by pavement. You can drop sections to get the perfectly sized pole on the job. You'll also find the top three sections are designated as a Trad Pole. That means you are getting double duty for your dollars. Whether you are on a waterfed job or want to tackle some storefronts, this pole will do it all, you just need to buy the XERO Acme Tip. The XERO Universal Extensions also fit this pole so you can add an extra 10 feet of length when you need it.

Each pole comes with a color-coordinated set up that includes 50 feet of orange hose and a black dual-trim hybrid brush. The nylon and boars hair bristles give you the perfect combination of glide and aggressive scrubbing. The nylon bristles can splay out to get into corners and along edges. You also get the fittings to connect the SteveOnator to your water fed system. SteveO favors the XERO Pure or XERO Pure X2, but this pole will work with any pure water system.

To compare this to other XERO Poles, it's taller than the Micro but shorter than the Pro series. It is stiffer than the XERO High Mod Carbon Fiber (green poles) but not as stiff as the Ultra-Light (gold poles).

So if you are looking for a stiff, multi-purpose pole, SteveO has got the perfect one for you. Want to learn more? Just reach out to our product specialists via chat, phone, or email.

Choose your size and get a FREE SteveO T-Shirt with your pole purchase!

*Hose Color May Vary


  • 9 Sections
  • Weighs 6.61 lbs | 105.76 oz | 3,002 g
  • 70 Inches Collapsed
  • 40 Foot Pole
  • Trad Pole in the top 3 sections
  • Plastic end defenders on every section
  • Includes brush, hose, and fittings
  • Made from top quality high modulus carbon fiber

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