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These 50 gallon tank systems are the perfect solution for any looking to have an all in one system.

Designed utilizing the highest quality components available today. 


Each system includes: 

50 Gallon Tank

Powder Coated lightweight aluminum frame

Sediment / Carbon Pre-filtration

40" Low Pressure RO Membrane powered by an RHG 12 Volt Boost Pump

Deionization final stage

Small Compact Design


Single-User system includes:

Digital Flow Controller

150' of 3/8" ID hose

Premium Tucker® hose reel

RHG USA Made 12v Pumps


Dual-User system includes:

(2) Digital Flow Controller (1) for each operator

(2) Hoses of your choice (1) for each operator (Either 2 reels of 150' of 3/8" ID hose

(2) Premium Tucker® hose reels (1) for each operator

(2) RHG USA Made 12v Pumps (1) for each operator


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