Two Triumph MK3 6in Scrapers with black blades and red and black handles, one placed vertically and the other horizontally.
Angled view of a Triumph MK3 6in Scraper with an angled black blade and a red handle with a barcode on the blade.
Side view of a Triumph MK3 6in Scraper showing the profile of the black ergonomic handle with red end cap and narrow neck leading to the blade.
Triumph MK3 6in Scraper with a straight black rubber blade attached to a red and black handle against a white background.
Triumph MK3 6in Scraper with a black blade and a red and black handle viewed from the side on a white background.
Side view of a Triumph MK3 6in Scraper with an angled blade, showing the ergonomic black handle with a red stripe and cap.

Triumph MK3 Scraper

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Elevate your scraping tasks with the Triumph MK3 6in Scraper, expertly engineered for precision, durability, and ease of use. This scraper is constructed from reinforced plastic, ensuring it withstands the rigors of frequent use, making it a go-to tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. The ergonomic design of the Triumph MK3 Scraper provides a comfortable and secure hold, enhancing control for a variety of scraping applications.

Key Features:
- Ergonomic design for improved comfort and control during use
- Made from durable reinforced plastic for long-term use
- Includes a 0.20mm Carbon Steel Blade for superior scraping efficiency
- Comes with a safety cap for protective storage and blade safety
- Features a reinforced blade channel for secure blade holding and easy replacement
- Available in both straight and angled variants to suit different scraping needs

- Material: Reinforced Plastic
- Blade: 0.20mm Carbon Steel Blade
- Design: Ergonomic with Anti-Slip Ribs
- Safety: Includes Safety Cap for Blade

The Triumph MK3 Scraper not only offers versatility through its straight and angled variants but also introduces a unique feature where a squeegee rubber can be attached to the cover. This innovative addition transforms the scraper into a commercial frame ledger, expanding its utility beyond traditional scraping tasks. Lightweight, easy to clean, and designed for either hand use or attachment to an extension pole, this scraper is indispensable for achieving precise and efficient scraping results.


Customer Reviews

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Gabriel Padilla
Triumph Mk3 Scraper

Works great.

Damian Schrecongost
Triumph MK3 Scraper

Triumph MK3 Scraper great scraper super comfortable handle overall great tool

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