Sörbo Ultra 45 Channel

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45 Degree End on the Ultralight Aluminum Classic Channel

The Ultra 45 is a super light traditional squeegee channel with the ends trimmed to 45 degrees to promote the ultimate in detailing. All while offering the quality that S?rbo is known for.

Lighter channels have proven popular on large panes of glass, the Ultra 45 is known for its easy to change Sorbo Rubber.

S?rbo end clips offer easy access when changing the rubber blade, the end clips are easy-on, easy-off.

Lightweight, Affordable and better at detailing the Ultra 45 is typically matched with an aluminum handle for the lightest, most rigid squeegee on the market.


  • Ultra 45 channels are compatible with most standard handles.
  • The end clips are easy-on, easy-off
  • It has a traditional look with innovative style for any type of work
  • End clips included.
  • Handle not included