Close-up of an 18-inch QUICKSILVER 3X4 Adjustable Wide-Body Squeegee channel. The silver channel with a black rubber edge shows a clear view of the Sörbo logo, patent number, and the size marking in inches and centimeters against the blue detail.
A single QUICKSILVER 3X4 Adjustable Wide-Body Squeegee channel lying on a white background. The squeegee channel is silver with blue details, including the Sörbo logo and website address. The adjustment settings are not visible in this angle.
Multiple QUICKSILVER 3X4 Adjustable Wide-Body Squeegee channels in various sizes displayed side by side against a white background. Each channel features a silver body with blue text highlighting the Sörbo logo and patent number. The channels have black rubber inserted, showcasing their ready-to-use configuration.
A QUICKSILVER 3X4 Adjustable Wide-Body Squeegee fully assembled with a Sörbo Fast Release handle, positioned at a slight angle on a white background. The handle is black with metallic features, and the squeegee channel is silver with blue detailing and the Sörbo logo, ready for use.

Sörbo Quick Silver Squeegee Channel

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The QUICKSILVER 3X4 Adjustable Wide-Body Squeegee stands out with its unique four-setting, patented design, catering to a range of cleaning needs. This model boasts exceptional durability, suitable for intensive use. A notable feature is its 40-degree diagonally angled ends, which are especially effective for squeegees measuring 10 inches or shorter, ensuring the alloy does not contact the window frame. This design facilitates cleaning closer to the frame, reducing water residue and enhancing corner reach, making it ideal for the S-technique. The squeegee rubber is securely held in place by two external end clips. Users can adjust the rubber blade's firmness through the provided adjustment slots in the squeegee channel, with a recommended second adjustment for 36-inch squeegees.

**Handle shown is not included

Key Features:

  • Patented four-setting adjustable design for versatility
  • 40-degree diagonally angled ends for minimized frame contact
  • Effective for cleaning closer to frames and reaching corners
  • Suitable for the S-technique
  • Secure rubber attachment with two external end clips
  • Adjustable rubber/blade firmness for user preference
  • Compatible with Sörbo Fast Release Handle for enhanced angles


  • Available in sizes from 5" to 36"
  • Size markings imprinted next to the Sörbo logo
  • Recommended second adjustment for 36" squeegees

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