Samurai BOAB
Samurai BOAB
Samurai BOAB

Samurai BOAB

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It has three configurations:

  • Partition 1: 2 squeegees + mop

  • Partition 2: 1 squeegee + pad tool (excelerator/wagtail)

  • No Partition: Open cavity

The features that I designed for:

  • No wet leg – I can’t guarantee this since it depends on how people work

  • Accommodates a 36″ (or larger) channel including ninja

  • Accommodates a 22″ (or larger) mop

  • Water drains from the squeegee area to the mop area

  • Partition separates the mop from the squeegees so there shouldn’t be any “tangle” issues

  • Strap has a buckle for quick release and is adjustable in height. If a person is using large tools, they can let it hang lower. They can also let it ride right on top of their belt.

  • The partition makes it easy to clean out the bucket and remove mud from the bottom.

  • The way the partition is designed, it should prevent the squeegee rubber from ever getting nicked. If the partition gets worn, it can be sanded down or smoothed with a lighter.

  • Fun colors coming soon! (black, magenta, red, blue, green)


The Samurai is made from polyethylene (HDPE) and feels different than the standard BOABs. HDPE is used a lot in buckets (like your water bucket). HDPE is lightweight but super-strong (as used in milk jugs), it’s impact resistant in case it’s dropped, as well as being chemical and weather resistant.


Multiple patents pending: US patents (utility and design) as well as the international patent rights. The patent protects the position of the mop relative to the squeegee so we’ve cornered the market on this sort of design.

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