Genlabs Finally Probiotic Hard Surface Cleaner R.T.U

Genlabs Finally Probiotic Hard Surface Cleaner R.T.U

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A Biodegradable & Environmentally Safer Product

Finally Probiotic Hard Surface Cleaner is a unique hard surface cleaner that combines innovative chemistry and application specific bacteria. This product contains an effective blend of bacillus organisms for accelerated degradation of organic material that builds up on hard surfaces over time. The bacteria have been selected for their ability to degrade organic compounds such as grease, fats, proteins, starch and sugars. Continued use of Finally Probiotic Hard Surface Cleaner in residential, institutional and removing stains on hard surfaces. This product also contains surfactant and chelating package to ensure highly effective cleaning.

 Spray and Wipe Application
  • Ready to use. Spray and wipe away.
  • No Rinsing Necessary
  • For dried or stuck soil, let dwell for 3 minutes before wiping.
This product cleans a wide variety of Hard Surfaces such as kitchen counters, sinks, tile , appliances, brick, concrete, aluminum, garbage cans, etc.
Warning: Can cause eye irritation. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
Features and Benefits
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for the enviroment
  • Child and Pet Friendly
  • No Harch Chemicals
  • Microbiome Friendly
  • DFE Approved Ingredients
  • Plant Derived Fragrance
  • Removes Malodor
  • Cost Effective
  • Non Toxic
  • Removes Biofilm
  • Non Corrosive


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