A rectangular white microfiber mop pad with a black Velcro strip on the back and orange stitching along the edges. The pad is folded over to show both the front cleaning surface and the back attachment side.
Close-up view of a white microfiber pad with interspersed nylon bristles. The texture appears dense and fluffy, with the thin bristles evenly distributed throughout the pad.
Hedgehog pad as fitted on a t-bar washer head.

Maykker Hedgehog Mop Washer

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Elevate window cleaning efficiency with the Maykker Hedgehog Mop Washer Pad, a state-of-the-art tool designed for achieving spotless windows effortlessly. This innovative mop washer pad stands out with its combination of high-quality white microfiber and integrated nylon bristles, ensuring a deep clean on every surface it touches.

The white microfiber material of the Hedgehog is engineered for superior water retention, facilitating a smooth and continuous cleaning process that reduces effort and enhances outcomes. The standout feature, however, is the strategic inclusion of nylon bristles within the microfiber. These bristles offer added scrubbing capability, effectively tackling tough stains and marks, and making the Hedgehog especially adept at cleaning window screens by removing dust and debris with ease.

Additionally, the Hedgehog is equipped with durable Velcro backing, enabling compatibility with various pad holders while optimizing performance when paired with the Maykker Handi Sleeve for a seamless fit and straightforward application.

Key Features:

  • High-quality white microfiber for exceptional water retention
  • Embedded nylon bristles for enhanced scrubbing power
  • Ideal for cleaning screens, removing dust and debris efficiently
  • Compatible with any pad holder, best paired with Maykker's Handi Sleeve
  • Durable Velcro backing for secure attachment

Please Note: The Maykker Hedgehog is not suitable for use on tinted windows due to the potential risk of damage from the nylon bristles. It is recommended to conduct a test on a small, less visible area before full application.


  • Material: White microfiber with nylon bristles
  • Attachment: High-grade Velcro backing

** Washer pad only. T-bar handle not included.

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