Maykker Hedgehog Mop Washer
Maykker Hedgehog Mop Washer
Maykker Hedgehog Mop Washer
Maykker Hedgehog Mop Washer

Maykker Hedgehog Mop Washer

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Transform your window-cleaning routine with the Maykker Hedgehog, a cutting-edge mop washer pad designed to deliver spotless, gleaming windows with ease. Far from your average cleaner, the Hedgehog is your formidable ally against dirt and grime, promising a flawless clean every time.

Crafted with high-quality white microfiber, the Hedgehog boasts remarkable water retention. This ensures an uninterrupted, efficient cleaning process, reducing your workload while enhancing the result.

What truly differentiates the Hedgehog is its innovative addition of nylon bristles. Embedded within the microfiber, these bristles provide extra scrubbing power to remove stubborn stains and smudges. Moreover, it excels in cleaning screens, effortlessly removing dust and debris for a clear, unobstructed view.

The Hedgehog also features high-grade Velcro on the back, making it versatile enough to be used with any pad holder. However, it shines brightest when used with Maykker's own Handi Sleeve, delivering a perfect fit and easy application.

Please note: The Hedgehog is not recommended for use on tinted glass, as the nylon bristles may cause damage. Always test on a small, inconspicuous area first.

Elevate your window cleaning experience with the Maykker Hedgehog. It doesn't just clean – it redefines cleanliness.

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