Graffiti Safewipes
Graffiti Safewipes
Graffiti Safewipes
Graffiti Safewipes
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Product Description 

Graffiti Safewipes graffiti remover wipes will remove all types of graffiti markers, spray can paints, overspray, scuff marks and grime from painted and smooth surfaces. 

Graffiti Safewipes will remove: Spray Can Paints, over-spray, felt pens, Magic Markers,Crayons, Ballpoint Pens, Scuff Marks, Grease, Grime and other marks, from: Walls, Signs, Chairs, Whiteboards, Newspaper Dispensers, Bathroom Walls, Desks, Post Boxes, Commercial/ Real Estate/ Road Signs, Signal ControlBoxes, Playground Structures, Cars/ Trucks/ Trailers/ Equipment, Bus Stops, Powder Coat, Plastics and Acrylics.

Product Contains

Handy Pack: 3 Safewipes, 3 Afterwipes, 2 Gloves

6 Pack: 6 Safewipes

20 Pack: 20 Safewipes

Canister of 30: 30 Safewipes

Tub of 70: 70 Safewipes 

Each wipe is 12"x8".

Features & Benefits

Go Green with World's Best Graffiti Removers


  • Versatile multi-use product for removing graffiti and other marks from painted and smooth surfaces. 
  • Available in hermetically sealed pouches for easy of distribution and unlimited shelf life. 
  • Fast acting, non-damaging formula encapsulates and suspends graffiti and other marks so you can wipe away easily without smearing / smudging or re-depositing into coated surface. 
  • Pleasant smelling and non toxic. 
  • Safe and effective to use on most smooth surfaces

Product Use Instructions

Experience has shown that the best technique in using this product is as follows:

STEP 1: Unfold and scrunch up towel. Using a circular wiping motion, remove marks in small areas at a time. Turn the towel over with every 

wipe to keep the area clean.

STEP 2: After removing the mark, immediately wipe the area with a soft DAMP cloth or our convenient ‘AFTERWIPES’.

Feltpens will almost certainly dissolve immediately, but wax crayons may take a little longer. Spray can paints will require wetting down first prior to scrubbing. Do not worry if every marker stain is not removed. Any remaining stain / shadow will be easily removed with Feltpen Fadeout.

For further information, download technical data sheet here.

Coverage Guidelines

1 Graffiti Safewipe may remove approximately 5 - 10 sq ft of graffiti. Exact coverage varies depending on type of stain and the porosity of surface material.

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