Stack of natural coconut husk scouring pads on a white background, eco-friendly and non-scratch for various surfaces.
A 6in by 9in coconut husk scouring pad.
A rectangular eco-friendly scouring pad made of coconut husk fibers, with a coarse texture, displayed on a white background.
A close-up of the coconut husk scouring pad highlighting the intricate web of natural brown fibers and the pad's porous structure.
The coconut husk scouring pad folded over itself, showcasing its flexibility and the layered construction, set against a white backdrop.

Natural Coconut Shell Pads

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The Eco-Friendly Coconut Husk Scouring Pad offers a sustainable cleaning solution, crafted from natural coconut husk fibers. This robust pad excels in scrubbing tasks, effectively cleaning glass and other hard surfaces without leaving any scratches. It is versatile enough to be used manually or can be attached to larger pad holders, including those designed for extension poles, enhancing its usability. Its natural composition from coconut shell and pulp not only ensures durability but also imparts an inherent antibacterial property, preventing any unpleasant odors post-use. The pad is also suitable for use with polishing creams, making it highly effective in removing hard water stains from glass and chrome surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Made from natural coconut husk fibers
  • Non-scratch scrubbing capability
  • Compatible with larger pad holders and extension poles
  • Durable and naturally antibacterial
  • Effective in removing hard water stains when used with a polishing cream


  • Material: Coconut shell and pulp fibers

    Customer Reviews

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    Karl Wagg
    Natural Coconut Shell Pads

    I love these pads! They are very durable, and don’t disintegrate one pad goes a long way!!
    I’ve used them on variety of stubborn substances that similar pads won’t work on unless a cleaning agent is applied.
    I’m very happy with this product and grateful for Window Magic Supply for telling me about them.

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