Product Highlight: The DA Applicator From DA Components

In this post we want to highlight a product line we feel needs more attention. The DA Applicator and spray nozzles by DA Components are amazing products that a lot of people don't know about, or if they do, they might not know how they workSo continue reading to learn more about them.

Product Highlight: The DA Applicator From DA Components

What Is The DA Applicator?

The DA Applicator attaches to a water fed pole, allowing you to spray with different pressures and spray patterns depending on the nozzle used. This can then be used to rinse/clean surfaces or apply cleaners and solutions. According to one reviewer, “It's like a turbo nozzle that you can put straight onto your pole, so it helps to mix your solution as it sprays out.” 

Uses and Benefits

The DA Applicator can be used for rinsing or cleaning surfaces, such as windows, gutters, roofs, concrete or vehicles. It can also be used to mix and spray chemicals or solutions for things like pre-treating, soft washing, gardening or traffic film removal for vehicles.  

The benefits of the DA Applicator are probably best described by DA Components Director, Darren Ansbro in a feature in Window Cleaning Magazine. Darren states:
“[The Applicator] saves time when you need to apply a chemical to a surface for an extra bit of cleaning power. We tend to do a lot of conservatory roof and UPVC cleaning and we used to dunk the water fed pole brush into a bucket of soapy water or traffic film remover to apply it. This however was laborious and time consuming. We now use the applicator which has a fan jet nozzle with a 25 degree spray pattern, this has a better coverage than a pencil jet nozzle and gets the right mix of chemical onto the surface faster. We use this in conjunction with a backpack which holds the chemicals and keeps everything separate from our pure water tank in the van.”

Which Water Fed Poles Do They Fit?

All DA Applicators fit onto any water fed pole angle adapter with a 22mm European thread. They also have an 8mm push fit barb to connect the pole hose. 

All About The Nozzles

The nozzles in the DA Applicator can be changed to suit the job you are working on. The end of the applicator has a ¼ inch BSP thread which allows you to attach nozzles or fan jets. If you already have the DA Applicator you can purchase additional nozzles which can easily be fitted using a 14mm wrench or socket.

The number of each nozzle refers to the size of the orifice on the nozzle. The smaller the number, the smaller the orifice. You can think of it like putting your finger over the end of a garden hose. Reducing the size of the orifice will make the liquid come out with more pressure and speed and spray further, but the flow rate will be reduced.

DA Components currently makes the following nozzles:
  • Fan Jets/Nozzles (plastic) 
    • Suitable for applying chemicals such as cleaners, degreasers and traffic film remover (TFR).
    • Comes in size 6, with a 25 degree spray pattern (grey), or 65 degree spray pattern (lime green)
  • Full Cone Nozzles (plastic or stainless steel)
    • Full cone spray pattern with round impact area, making it ideal for applying a softwash treatment.
    • Comes in two sizes:
      • Size 6.5 (orifice size is 2.4mm), with a 50 degree spray pattern. (purple plastic or stainless steel)
      • Size 10 (orifice size is 2.8mm), with a 70 degree spray pattern (dark green plastic or stainless steel)

The DA Applicators that we sell at Window Magic Supply come with either the fan jet/nozzle with a 25 degree spray pattern, or the full cone nozzles

Note: Both the fan jet and purple full cone nozzles will work with a backpack. However, the full cone dark green ref. No. 10 nozzle will need a pump, 5.3 liters per minute or above, to work properly.

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