How to Clean Screens Using Screen Magic

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How Screen Magic Works

Screen Magic uses a special formula of emulsions, UV inhibitors, glossing agents, and dust repellents. This formula doesn't just cover the dust, it destroys it. The dust particles are organically dissolved making the screens look like new and the dust repellents help to keep them looking that way. Look at the close up below. On the left you can see the dust particles. The right side was treated with Screen Magic. You can see there are virtually no dust particles.

Screen Magic works on all types of screens. Bug screens, sliding screen doors, screened porches and solar window screens of all different colors. No need to rinse off the screens with water. Just remove the screen, spray it with Screen Magic, wipe it off and reinstall.

How To Clean Regular Screens 

No need to scrub or rinse the screens beforehand. You don’t want to use Screen Magic on wet screens, it dilutes the product and will not work as well. On very dirty screens, you may want to take a dry brush or micro fiber towel and brush the big dirt and edges of the screen first. You will usually see a lot of heavy dirt/dust build up where the screen attaches to the frame. 

  1. Remove screens from window.

  2. Cover the surface beneath your cleaning zone with cloth or a tarp to protect from overspray.

  3. You DO NOT need to rinse screens with water before applying Screen Magic but if you do, lightly spray away debris from screens with garden sprayer and let them dry.

  4. Adjust the spray nozzle counter clockwise for the WIDEST SPRAY. Do not use indoors, over cement, asphalt, painted surfaces, furniture or carpet without a tarp.

  5. Hold the sprayer 14″ away from the screen and spray Screen Magic on both the front and the back of the screen thoroughly.

  6. Wipe excess off frame with a towel. Hint: For a more even finish use a microfiber towel to lightly wipe the front and back of the screen immediately after applying Screen Magic.

  7. Since 90% of the dirt and dust is on the outside, if you have 2 screens about the same size you can put the screens back to back and spray both sides (both being the outside) and the overspray usually cleans the inside side.  Now you have just cleaned two screen.s for the price of one!

  8. When applying to security doors with screens and arcadia sliding screen doors you don’t need to remove the screens.  Put down a tarp to cover the floor if you’re spraying it on the screen.  You can also just saturate a microfiber towel and wipe it on without having to cover the floor.  Screen Magic works great either way you apply it.

Many customers use a microfiber towel to even out the spots you may have missed instead of using a lot of product to cover every square inch.  Screen Magic looks the same wet as it does dry making it easy to pick spots you missed.

Treating Screens You Can't (Or Don't Want To) Take Off

When treating screens you don’t want to take off, or can’t take off, such as a security door or sliding screen doors, first, you should follow the directions above regarding really dirty screens. Thoroughly saturate a microfiber towel and just wipe the screen with the microfiber towel.  This method works just as well as spraying, and some people prefer it.

A Tip For Saving Time

Since 90% of the dirt and dust is on the outside, if you have 2 screens about the same size you can put the screens back to back and spray both sides (both being the outside) and the blow through usually cleans the inside side at the same time.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

  • It takes about .50 oz to treat an average screen. One gallon of Screen Magic can treat up to 250 screens.

  • It takes about 20-30 minutes for Screen Magic to fully dry, depending on temperature and humidity.

  • Screens will stay looking like new for about 4-6 months depending on conditions in your area.