Simplify Cleaning Blinds With The BlindMaid Mobile LadderRack Kit

Simplify Cleaning Blinds With The BlindMaid Mobile LadderRack Kit

We know trying to effectively wash grimy blinds can be overwhelming. That’s why we want to talk about The BlindMaid Mobile LadderRack Kit, a package that provides tools for cleaning, drying, and repairing all blinds, making the process more efficient and less of a hassle.

Mobile CleanRack And DryRack 

The kit includes many accessories for cleaning and maintaining blinds (and even a detailed guide on how to clean blinds), but at the core of the kit are the Mobile CleanRack LadderRack and the Mobile DryRack LadderRack. 

The BlindMaid CleanRack LadderRack, steel, black, and yellow on white background

Say you want to take a set of window blinds outside to give them a good cleaning. You get the blinds off the window and get them outside, only to realize you're left creating makeshift solutions to hang them, or even just laying them on the ground—neither offering a sturdy or thorough cleaning experience. This is where the Mobile CleanRack and DryRack LadderRacks can help.

Both of the racks are made of lightweight steel and attach to the top of the base section of a sectional ladder. Once attached, the CleanRack provides a place to hang the blind for spraying and cleaning, making it easier to reach awkward angles and clean delicate fabrics, while the DryRack provides a place to hang blinds for drying or repair. 

Randi, owner of Window Magic Supply, describes how useful these products can be: 

“I remember when we used to do blinds. We would get customers that would ask us to clean a few, to several, of the wood slat blinds, and we would construct something on our truck to hold up the blind while we were cleaning it. It never worked very well, and the blind would sometimes fall off or get lopsided. The BlindMaid system would’ve come in handy.”

What Else Is In The Kit?

In addition to the LadderRacks, The BlindMaid Mobile Kit also includes:  

  • Extended Blind-Hand Panel Cleaning Tool: A cleaning tool designed for large, wide blinds.
  • Foamer Sprayer: A spraying tool used for application of cleaning solution on blinds and window surfaces. 
  • Soap Foamer Startup Quart: A high-quality foaming soap solution that cuts through dirt and grime on blinds.
  • Cleaning Brush: To scrub away dirt and dust from blind surfaces.
  • Mobile Pal with Lid: A portable container for storing and organizing your cleaning tools and accessories. Can also be used as a solution-mixing bucket.
  • Cleaning Instruction for cleaning window blinds: A detailed guide that walks you through the process of cleaning and maintaining window blinds.

The BlindMaid Mobile LadderRack Kit

A Couple Of Things To Know

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