Xero Pure X2
Xero Pure X2
Xero Pure X2
Xero Pure X2
Xero Pure X2

Xero Pure X2

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Meet the XERO Pure X2, an amazing option if you are considering upgrading your current purification system or transitioning into water fed window cleaning.

This unit is upgraded from the original XERO Pure. It has two large 40" RO membranes which completely eliminate the need for a pump. This system will efficiently produce 1 gallon of pure water per minute. This will allow you to easily supply two water fed poles. This is a great choice for residential or commercial cleaners. 

The XERO Pure X2 features two side by side RO Membranes. Why does that matter? Well, this gives you greater filtering capacity. Thanks to the increase in water production you can easily accommodate a two-person crew. If you are a single user,  you can take advantage of not needing a pump and/or electricity to get enough pressure to reach those high windows. It's a win/win!

It also doesn't matter how hard your water is - this unit is designed to work in areas with the hardest water. This system is built on a steel frame for durability with two wheels to maneuver it around jobs easily. It is made with quality materials including stainless steel housings and brass fittings. Similar to the original XERO Pure, you can use this standing up or laying down. It is also made right here in the USA by IPC.

What does this system include? Your purchase comes with 50 feet of hose, a TDS Meter to check your water quality on jobs, RO Protect (for winter/long-term storage), a filter wrench for each housing, and a lubrication packet. Don't forget about the 6-year warranty on this unit. We are here for you!

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