Xero Destroyer Water Fed Pole
Xero Destroyer Water Fed Pole
Xero Destroyer Water Fed Pole
Xero Destroyer Water Fed Pole

Xero Destroyer Water Fed Pole

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Introducing the stiffest XERO Pole yet that is designed specifically for working at maximum heights. Ideal for commercial jobs and extreme heights as nothing is as rigid. Available in heights all the way up to 90 feet so you can tackle those really BIG jobs.

This pole is made from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber so it is remarkably light and easy to work with. No need to overbuy in the beginning, you can always start small and add sections so your pole can grow as your business grows. Versatile, right? In addition, Universal+ Extensions are made up of 2 sections and give you an extra ten feet too.  

The base 30-foot pole weighs just 4.8 pounds and each Universal+ Extension adds 2.1 pounds. As always, you can easily add and remove extensions as necessary. The 30-foot pole is comprised of 7 sections, you can collapse and expand the pole as needed. When collapsed, the 30-foot base pole measures just 69 inches. The 40-foot pole is 81 inches.

Enjoy durable, bolted-on clamps that are easy to maneuver and adjust your pole. The end features a durable plastic end defender for when you don't have a base cap on. 

When you invest in a XERO Pole you also invest in a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy a six-year warranty on clamps as well as a six-year warranty on the pole itself.


  • 30 Foot - 7 Sections - 4.8 lbs - 0 Extensions
  • 40 Foot - 9 Sections - 6.8 lbs - 0 Extensions
  • 50 Foot - 11 Sections - 8.9 lbs - 1 Extension
  • 60 Foot - 13 Sections - 11.0 lbs - 2 Extensions
  • 70 Foot - 15 Sections - 13.1 lbs - 3 Extensions
  • 80 Foot - 17 Sections - 15.2 lbs - 4 Extensions
  • 90 Foot - 19 Sections - 17.3 lbs - 5 Extensions

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