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?TRIO Plus enzyme-based cleaner is a ready-to-use extremely effective odor eliminator, odor encapsulator and stain remover!


TRIO Plus works incredibly well for both consumer and commercial applications. The selectively adapted bacterial organisms are used to control odors and stains caused by organic waste, oil, grease, fats, pet stains, vomit, blood, etc. 


?TRIO's multi-strain enzyme formula does not just mask odors but it works by removing the source so it does not return! This is the perfect solution for anyone wanting an environmentally friendly and cost effective approach to pet,food, restroom, and organic odor control.


TRIO is great for pet messes, garbage cans, carpet, pretreatment for laundry, or any washable surface or fabric with organic odors


Intended for any washable fabric or surface. Shake well before each use.


Dilution: Ready-to-use 

Pro tip: The enzymes in TRIO are tiny organisms and like us, they work most efficiently in temperatures of 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, this product is most efficient at room temperature. The surface or fabric may be cooled or warmed with water before application.   

Do not use in hot or boiling water, disinfectants, bleach, chlorinated products or high alkali. Use of these products before or during the use of TRIO will kill the bacteria and render this product ineffective. 
Just Spray TRIO PLUS on affected area for complete stain and odor control (Spray directly on odor and stain problems, not into the air) For most spills including beverages, pet stains and other wet spills, first blot excess fluid. Wet the area with Trio Plus and allow to stand.

For best results, let stand for 30 minutes or more. Blot the stain with paper towels and reapply only if necessary. Don?t have time to clean right away? Not a problem, Trio Plus will clean and deodorize on its own! Spray over stain thoroughly and leave it alone. Special ingredients actually consume the spill or stain and leave a clean, fresh scent. No residues to resoil, just water and carbon dioxide, just like your breath. It is fast, simple and safer for use around children, pets and plants.