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Agent Blue Degreaser

Agent Blue is a heavy-duty multipurpose degreaser and softwash additive.  Formulated to clean non-organic stains and soiling, it is useful to help remove dirt, grime, and atmospheric pollution buildup on siding.  Is also an emulsifier that works well against cobwebs.

House washing mix ratio - 6-8oz per 50 gallon SmartWash Tank Batch

Concrete washing mix ratio - 8-10oz per 50 gallon SmartWash Tank Batch


Agent Green

Agent Green is a high-quality chlorine anhancer and surfactant.  Designed with efficiency in mind, Agent Green enhances SH solutions, acting as a catalyst in colder weather or as a booster in moderate weather.  Use on roof washes to be more efficient, or in lower temperatures to activate the SH.  

House washing mix ratio - 7-10oz per 50 gallon SmartWash Tank Batch


Secret Agent

Secret Agent is a powerful foaming agent designed to help cleaning solutions cling to the target surface and dwell.  Secret Agent produces generous amounts of foam to slow runoff and improve dwell time.

House wash mix ratio - 5-6oz per 50 gallon SmartWash Tank Batch


Agent Halt

Agent Halt neutralizes SH and solt on surfaces.  Perfect to help prevent damage to sensitive siding, or to protect plants that may have been sprayed by SH mixtures.  Also great to rinsing your equipment after the job to prolong the life of pumps, etc.

Mix ratio is 4oz per gallon




This premier scent cover is the perfect option to mask the odor of chlorine in softwashing solutions. Add it to your house wash and roof wash mixes to mask the smell of bleach. Camouflage features a powerful floral scent that is a pleasant alternative to the “pool” smell that occurs after washing with sodium hypochlorite. Add it to your line up of Agent Clean Solutions products! Stable with alkaline, acid, and SH solutions.

This product is compatible with all other Agent Clean Solutions products.


Glass Enforcer

Glass Enforcer is a super concentrated window washing glass cleaner soap designed for the professional window washer. It’s tough on dirt, grime, and smudges. Described as having excellent glide and gleam. Add it to your arsenal of Agent Clean Products.


Ground Force 5Gal Mix Kit

Ground Force is a quality, heavy-duty caustic degreaser and cleaner. It is designed for the heaviest stains and soiled spots on concrete. This solution is for concrete only. Do not use on other surfaces as damage may occur. Be sure to use the proper PPE when using this solution. Ground Force works for any type of grease, but is especially effective on organic grease and oil. Use it on dumpster pads or near greasy exhaust hoods.