Our Clear View of a Window Cleaner


    Our mission here at Window Magic Supply, is to showcase the industry. From the inventors and manufacturers to the remarkable window cleaners around the world who make it all possible. We are here to welcome newcomers and continually work to expand our capability to support every window cleaner around the world. Read on to get a glimpse of how it all began. 

     It was a time of great change in New York, as towering skyscrapers began to reach towards the heavens, leaving window cleaners with a new challenge to tackle. The traditional tools of the trade, a 12 screw bulky squeegee meant for floors, known as the "Chicago style squeegee," proved to be ineffective and cumbersome in the face of these towering structures. It was as if the very architecture of the time was taunting them with its gleaming surfaces, daring them to find a solution.

     And then there came Ettore Steccone, a window cleaner who was driven by a desire to create something new, something that would revolutionize the industry. He locked himself away in his workshop and set out to create a tool that would be more effective and lightweight, a tool that would meet the demands of the modern age.

     Steccone experimented with various materials, such as rubber and metal, until he finally settled on a rubber blade locked in place by only two screws. This design allowed for more control and precision when cleaning windows, and left less water streaks behind. He named it the "Ettore Squeegee" and set out to make it known.

     He met with rejection by the biggest supplier at the time, but with immense entrepreneurial spirit, Ettore made a wager with the owner, for New York's best hat. The wager was set that window cleaners around the city would come begging to get their hands on his revolutionary new tool. He set out to prove himself by giving away his squeegee to the best window cleaners in the city and his marketing plan worked, with window cleaners asking where they could purchase Ettore's new squeegee, which he happily directed. Thus, the iconic squeegee was born.

     Ettore was merely the first in a series of amazing stories of the industry, Henry Unger, Sörbo Samuelsson, Willie Erken and so many more are on the rise. Never mind the new wave of window cleaning with water fed, which deserves its own light; Special thanks to Tucker.