Introducing Maykker Products!

As many of you know, Maykker Products has been around for over three years now.  For those of you that haven't experienced it yet, I encourage you to check them out. I have to say, in my unbiased opinion, Maykker is  innovated with the heart and soul of a window cleaner. Richie, the innovator, has been a dear friend to us since the 1980's. When it comes to certain passions of his, window cleaning being one of them, he only accepts and expects the best. The drive was on when he would encounter certain obstacles that most of us encounter when cleaning windows. For instance, tight, cramped places, inadequate ladder setbacks, bee pollen, windows above awnings, or non-walkable patio covers. You all know, the list can go on and on. Richie, having an inventive mind, came up with amazing tools that solve some of these head scratchers. It has been so fun to watch him come up with these tools that have truly changed certain aspects of our industry. If you are going to the IWCA/PWNA convention next month, check out our booth, we will be showcasing Maykker Products. We will be raffling them off as well.

Here is a short bio of Richie ( I didn't ask for the plug by the way :)

From Richie
"1986 started my journey into the world of cleaning glass.  Finishing a tour in the military, I landed in San Diego California and began working as a window cleaner for a company called Window Magic.  (A great company by the way).   The owners Randi and Steve are great people and  always go out of their way to help others. 
    A couple years later I branched out on my own and learned all the ins and outs of running a business.   
    Through the years I always wished for improvements in window cleaning tools and equipment.  It seemed obvious to me that the tools of the trade were lacking..  Not to minimize technique and skills.  You can have the best tools in the world, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how to use them properly.  That being said, I started endless experiments where I would tweak, modify and bastardize, existing tools and equipment.  It was a tedious but exciting process.  Also a very expensive one..  Nonetheless I pressed on because I was obsessive and frankly a bit weird, so I was told.. But I didn’t care, I was having fun. 
    After a while it became clear I needed to step up my game..  Up to this point the mods and hacks I had done were improvements but not the complete vision.  So I started investing in machines and tools that would help me get closer to my goals.  This was also a long drawn out and expensive process..  Brought with it were disappointments and wins throughout.  The better mousetraps were great, but along the way I also began to create new and unique novel ideas. This was an unexpected bonus. 
    Ultimately I realized that I could help window cleaners everywhere by sharing these inventions.  This started yet another phase of legal applications, lawyers, dealing with suppliers and yes, more money..  This road is not for the faint of heart..
   There’s a lot more to this journey that could be said.   These are just some highlights.  Still my commitment remains.. And that is to press on and continue to make available the highest quality window cleaning gear for all that seek the best.  Window cleaning is a noble profession and the people that do it are hardworking and deserving in my opinion. 
    Thanks for your interest in Maykker Products.  You can always contact me through  Until then I wish the very best to all my brothers and sisters in arms.."
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